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Real Estate Agency

This involves the process of arranging the Sale, Letting and Management of interest in Landed Properties on behalf of a client with the aim of achieving a set objective. Over the years aadum and company have been able to develop a name for itself as a leading firm in the three (3) areas of: - Property Sales - Property Letting - Property Management 


This involves either Selling or Purchasing a property on behalf of a client


The process of property sale can be both very demanding and challenging where the property seller is not careful in the selection of a knowledgeable Estate Agency Company as a representative. This is where aadum and company stands out. For we combine our good knowledge of the Local Property Market (LPM) with the up to date property market database to the best advantage. Additionally, we have a policy of maintaining a consistent interface with our client through the entire transaction period. ………have a property for sell? Click  


In the same way, the process of purchase of an interest in property also requires professional guidance and advice. Our Professional Team will be able to provide useful advice as regards the choice of the neighbourhood and investment qualities of the properties as aadum & company endeavours to leverage our strength of our local knowledge of the property market. Please click here if you want to purchase a property. 


In aadum & company, we are aware that your accommodation needs be it residential or commercial is key to your being able to delivery on your job demands or that of your staff members. We are also well aware that the only way any property investor can achieve the desired Return on Investment (ROI) from any property investment is to get the Right Tenant from the word go. This is why in all cities where we operate, we endeavour to bring to bear the Professional Competence of our team, our knowledge of the local property market, property database and our digital and ICT Technology to enhance the quality of our services delivery. Whether your need is to rent a property for either residential or commercial use, please click here. Or if you own a property to let out please click here 


. This service involves the day –to – day administration of the properties and more specially, our activities shall involve the following broad headings or summaries.


The dynamic nature of our business environment has made it more than necessary for a Professional to handle the day-to-day administration and coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organisation on behalf of the property owners which in most cases are large organisation. This is all aimed at ensuring a safe and efficient working environment which is key to enhanced work/business performance 


Real Estate Property that forms the bulk part of asset base for both individuals and business concerns usually required regular valuation and re-valuation to determine their true worth. aadum & company have handled a considerable number of valuations for individuals, companies and institutional bodies. Our team has considerable experience in valuation areas as: - Mortgage Valuation - Asset Valuation - Compensation Valuation - Insurance Valuation - Rental Valuation - Open Market Valuation 


Every Conceived Real Estate Investment project tries to answer the twin question of Feasibility & Viability. Our team has been able to build a reputation for providing a reliable feasibility & viability analysis for projects some of which are functional and running into Billions of Naira. 

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